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The best thing you can do for your fresh tree is give it plain water...and lots of it! Whether your tree is delivered or you purchase your tree on the lot, we will send your tree home with a fresh cut.  This will allow the tree to absorb water.


1.  Place your tree in a stand that has the capacity to hold at least 1 quart of water per inch of the tree's trunk.  So, a 6" diameter trunk should be in a stand that hold 6 quarts of water.

2. If you are not setting up your tree right away, place your tree in a bucket of water and store it in a shaded area such as your back porch or unheated garage. 

3. Keep the tree away from any sources of heat, such as fireplaces, air ducts, or space heaters.

4. Enjoy your tree and make sure to water it EVERY day! Your fresh tree will take several quarts of water each day if cared for properly. (You may be surprised to see your tree take in over a gallon each day in the beginning!)

Wreaths & Swag

Your fresh wreath will arrive ready to hang upon arrival. You may notice that it will take a few hours before the branches open up after being in the shipping box.  To enjoy the maximum life of your wreath, it is best to hang it outside or in a cool place for the season.



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