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Our trees are selected by hand for each order to ensure freshness, size and quality. This section will explain how we size our trees and explain the grades we offer.  

Measuring Height: The tree height is measured from base to tip of leader. (The leader is the branch on top used to hold up a star or angel decoration.)  For example: You order a 5' - 6' tree. When you pull it out of the box and measure from the base  to tip of leader, it is more than 5' tall but less than or equal to 6' tall. 

As a Christmas tree is growing in the field, the leader grows very tall. The grower must trim it each year. It is common practice to hold the top most ring of branches up against the leader and trim where they meet. This makes the tree look very shapely.

Grades: Our trees are a mixture of  Premium Grade and Grade No. 1 Christmas Trees. The following table describes their characteristics:

  Premium Grade Grade No. 1
Medium to High Density Medium to High Density
Normal Taper Normal Taper
Four Good Sides Three to Four Good Sides



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